Farewell WeePOP

I remember very clearly the night the night that I first met Camila. My band, the Darlings, were playing a show at the Brixton Windmill. We had only played a show or two before this one, and I remember so clearly how the nerves meant I couldn’t look up once during the show. How I couldn’t remember the chords to songs I had written, how I couldn’t hear myself, and how I was too afraid to talk to anyone afterwards.

Camila and Thorsten came up to me after the show, and said how much they loved my song Emily. It was the first song I’d written, and even then I think I felt embarrassed by it. They said they had started a little label and they wanted to release it on a handmade 3-inch CD-R. Their enthusiasm was evident, but I wasn’t sure what it meant to have a record label release a song.

It didn’t take too long to see that Camila and Thor were the good guys, and that what they wanted to do was beautiful. We excitedly put together 120 photographs that Nik had taken over the previous year, each CD was to have a different photo on the sleeve. We called it the Photo EP because we had no idea what else to call it.

With family and friends buying our little record, it didn’t take too long for it to sell out, and we felt very proud. It was my first experience of making a record.

Over the years Camila has released some very beautiful records, with love, care and devotion. She’s been an enthusiastic audience member too. No matter how still the crowd, Camila can be found down the front, dancing. It was always such a treat to see her at a show.

It’s nice to call time on things when it feels right. I’m sad WeePOP is closing, but very proud to have been a part of something that was beautiful. I am so thankful to Camila for giving me the first chance to see my songs on a sleeve, and I’ll always hope to see her dancing at shows.

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